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undefined reference to “function name”

Since hermes is flooding my mailbox I haven’t looked if all my packages are compiling on Factory. So I had a look for interesting emails today. ctrlproxy (irc proxy/bouncer) didn’t build with undefined reference to ““. I wondered if the libarary packages have been renamed, but everything looked fine. I’ve talked to darix and he told me about the –as-needed flag of the linker which...


phonon and amarok wakeups

I’ve used my notebook the first time with openSUSE 11.1 without a power cable attached and wondered why my battery was empty after a short time. So I’ve did some research and found a knotify4 bug, this leads to a phonon and xine bug. I have the latest version of xine installed and the wakeup bug in xine is already fixed sine 1.1.9. So there...


Hackweek3: Logitech hacking

I planning to rewrite lomoco since a long time now. The problem is that Logitech has introduced a new protocol to talk to the devices. For the main features of these new mice we have already proof of concept code but some features aren’t suppport. I still don’t know how they identify a cordless mouse connected to a receiver. The MX Revolution and the G7...


csync 0.42.0 alpha1

I’ve released the first alpha version of csync. csync is a client only bidirectional file synchronizer. You can use csync for different things. The intention is to provide Roaming Home Directories for Linux but you can use it to synchronize your music collection or create a backup of a directory. This is *not* intended for production environments and is designed for testing purposes only. This...


Qemu (kvm) internal network setup

I got a new notebook, a nice Thinkpad T61 with virtualization technology. I need to run some Windows system for development so I’ve decided to use the Kernel based Virtual Machine (KVM). The VMs should communicate over an internal network but should have access to the internet and I want access via network to them. So I setup a bridge with TUN/TAP devices masqueraded to...


WengoPhone 2.1rc1

WengoPhone 2.1rc1 has been released today. We migrated the build system to the CMake and added an abstraction layer called owbuild for WengoPhone. It compiles just fine under Linux, MacOSX and Windows on x86, x86_64 and ppc. The last weekend I have fixed a lot of problematic warnings to be sure it works just fine under x86_64 now. Back to WengoPhone. It has some nice...


Client Integration with Samba

At the beginning of October I started writing my diploma thesis at SUSE Linux in Nuernberg. I’ll develop a library and a PAM module to synchronize the home directory from a Linux client to a Microsoft Windows ADS environment and back. The main problem of this subject is to write a file synchronizer which works with the infrastructure we already have and acts like the...


New Build Service Home

Hi, the Build Service uses now Novell’s iChain to authenticate the user. So my home project has changed to home:gladiac and I build now all packages against the KDE:Qt project. Update you configuration for the new URL. By the way KVIrc 3.2.5 is availiable 🙂


Webdav Calendar and Addressbook

UPDATE Use Webdav I want to access my calendar and addressbook from my mainframe and from my notebook. I write exams at the moment so it is the best time to do something else. I’ve setup a webdav to store my adressbook and calendar so I can access it with KOrganizer, Mozilla Sunbird or KAdressbook from everywhere. First we have to create a directory...



Maybe you heard already about that OpenWengo thing. OpenWengo is a community of Free Software enthusiasts. The OpenWengo community is sponsored by Wemgo, a French SIP provider, itself backed by Neuf Cegetel, a French telco. WengoPhone, a SIP compliant VoIP client and a multiprotocol instant messanger (MSN, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk). We’re talkig here about WengoPhone NG (Next Generation) which is the version in...