Client Integration with Samba

At the beginning of October I started writing my diploma thesis at SUSE Linux in Nuernberg. I’ll develop a library and a PAM module to synchronize the home directory from a Linux client to a Microsoft Windows ADS environment and back.
The main problem of this subject is to write a file synchronizer which works with the infrastructure we already have and acts like the Windows one. This means a client only file synchronizer which just uses libsmbclient and is as simple as the Windows “Merge Algorithm” used for Roaming Profiles since Windows 2000.

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2 Responses

  1. andreas says:


    what is the state of your work? and is there a plan to port that to macosx too?
    how configurable is that tool? (or will be)


  2. GlaDiaC says:


    more then 50% of the prototype code is done. I’m currently working only on the paper of my thesis. I want to finish and improve the synchronizer in future.

    I use only POSIX functions so it should work under MacOSX too. csync has a plugin system so that you can write plugins for other systems. Currently there is only a plugin for Windows/Samba.

    The code will be hopefully available at at the end of April.

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