After another development cycle, this time of 2,5 years, the libssh Team is proud to announce version 0.6.0 of libssh.

The most important functionality which has been added is a new callback-based server API. Also we added ECDSA support and a new algorithm called gro.h1553020779ssbil1553020779@652a1553020779hs-911553020779552ev1553020779ruc1553020779 for key exchange to have something better than the NIST curves. OpenSSH also uses gro.h1553020779ssbil1553020779@652a1553020779hs-911553020779552ev1553020779ruc1553020779 as the default for key exchange. For ECDSA there is a complete new API for public key management available. Also a big improvement is Kerberos support which has been tested by Red Hat engineers with FreeIPA and gssproxy.

Thanks to all contributors!

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