phonon and amarok wakeups

I’ve used my notebook the first time with openSUSE 11.1 without a power cable attached and wondered why my battery was empty after a short time. So I’ve did some research and found a knotify4 bug, this leads to a phonon and xine bug. I have the latest version of xine installed and the wakeup bug in xine is already fixed sine 1.1.9. So there must be still a bug in the phonen backend of KDE 4.1.3.

I found a new phonon-xine backend on, here. I’ve found packages in the build service (click) and tested them. The wakeups of the whole system dropped to less than 200 wakeups per second.

During my research I stumbled over a amarok problem too. If you’re playing music with amarok, it produces more than 900 wakeups, even if you stopped playing the music. The whole system should need more than 500 wakeups if you play music and browse the internet.
You have to quit the application!

The bugs are fixed in KDE SVN (KDE 4.2). Thanks to Mark Kretschmann. The amarok bug for this was #177517.

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  1. Mark Kretschmann says:

    Good news:

    This problem (Phonon causing too many wakeups) is fixed in KDE SVN (to become KDE 4.2) 🙂

    Mark Kretschmann
    Amarok Developer –

  2. Have you made report to OpenSuse 11.1 bugzilla?

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