Maybe you heard already about that OpenWengo thing. OpenWengo is a community of Free Software enthusiasts. The OpenWengo community is sponsored by Wemgo, a French SIP provider, itself backed by Neuf Cegetel, a French telco. WengoPhone, a SIP compliant VoIP client and a multiprotocol instant messanger (MSN, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk). We’re talkig here about WengoPhone NG (Next Generation) which is the version in development.

Currently I’m working on a RPM package for WengoPhone NG. I’ve written some patches to build it on x86_64 and to fix some bugs to build it on SUSE. The problem is that I can’t link the application at the moment cause SUSE doesn’t provide libQtUiTools in their QT4 packages (SUSE LINUX 10.1 and factory). To drop it at the build service a bug fix for the boost package is needed too.

I hope that my patches will be in SVN soon and that SUSE will fix the packages. I don’t want to create a fixed QT4 package 🙂

Update: WengoPhone has been renamed to QuteCom in 2005. The project is dead in the meantime.

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  1. Eriol Brumel says:


    I am looking for a way to make VoIP video calls from my openSuSE 10.2 PC with any other PC running windows, and openwengo/wengophone seems to be the best way. Thus, I am very interested in your project. Did you make any effort in building RPMs for SuSE? I tried the Wengo NG 2.0 binaries, but they seem not to be very stable.

    Or can you suggest any other SIP or phone client with video capabilities? I tried Ekiga as well, but the MS Windows version seems to be too unstable to use (I mean – I have to convince people of using another program than Skype, which works fine on Windows … but lacks video capabilities on Linux).



  2. GlaDiaC says:


    there is no release yet, we’re still working on WengoPhone 2.1. There are some problems with ALSA and some bugs on x86_64. As soon as they are fixed, I wil provide a RPM for openSUSE.

    — andreas

  3. Eriol says:

    That sounds great. Would you suggest using Wengo Classic meanwhile? And is there a binary for openSuSE 10.2? I’ve read that there are some issues with wengo classic on SuSE …

    Whenever there is a working Linux (with sound …) and Windows release candidate, I would like to test the 2.0/2.1 versions … They are ready when they are ready, I suppose. What do you think: When will this happen?

    Thanks for your great work on wengo!


  4. GlaDiaC says:

    I hope that the blockers are fixed soon and we can start the beta phase.

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