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Hardware – Andreas Schneider

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OpenStreetMap for Garmin Fenix

I’ve recently bought a Garmin Fenix Multisport Smartwatch. The watch offers support for navigation and maps. By default it came with some topo maps for Europe. However I wanted to use more detailed maps from OpenStreetMap. After some search I’ve discovered the wonderful Freizeitkarte project, which is a project to offer maps for Garmin devices. The default maps work OKish on the device. However as...


CM9 on Marvel (HTC Wildfire S)

After Qualcom released new graphic blobs for ARMv6 I was able to get CyanogenMod 9 working on my HTC Wildfire S pretty well. There are still some problem which need to be fixed. GPS isn’t working, if you have GSM/3G turned on the battery drains pretty fast. I’m currently trying to get the camera working. There is also a wakelock bug with bluetooth in the...


Logitech Linux Mouse Support

Maybe you ask: Why is there still no new version of lomoco to support the latest Logitech Mice? The answer is that I still don’t know how they detect a mouse connected to a receiver. Maybe they just have a table which defines which mice come with which receiver and then try some commands. If it fails it is mouse X and if not it...


Geocaching, Garmin and Linux

I’m a Geocacher and I’ve bought a new toy, the Garmin Vista HCx. This device has a special function for Geocaching. You have to upload these files directly to the device. It isn’t possible to store them on the microSD. On the geocaching.com you have an option to send the coordinates directly to the GPS. It downloads a web browser plugin from Garmin. To send...


Hackweek3: Logitech hacking

I planning to rewrite lomoco since a long time now. The problem is that Logitech has introduced a new protocol to talk to the devices. For the main features of these new mice we have already proof of concept code but some features aren’t suppport. I still don’t know how they identify a cordless mouse connected to a receiver. The MX Revolution and the G7...


lomoco – next generation

I’ve finished my diploma thesis (more about this later) and started to work on lomoco again. lomoco can configure vendor-specific options on Logitech USB mice (or dual-personality mice plugged into the USB port). Since there are some places where you can find code to control Logitech mice, I decided to write a shared library. We will provide a command line client to configure your mouse....


Bricked Linksys WRT54G repair instructions

What you need: 1 bricked Linksys WRT54G router with boot_wait=off 1 corkscrew optional: 1 bottle of wine If you have to take courage first, the bottle of wine could help! What to do: Unscrew the antennas and open the router and look for the Intel flash chip. The chip has 48 pins. You can find the numbers on the edges of the chip 1 .....