Yesterday I’ve visited the Tokamak4 Sprint. I’ve attended the talks in the evening and then had dinner with some KDE hackers. Today I’ve looked at PlanetKDE and saw the KDE bluetooth screencast from Alex Fiestas. I liked the screencasts in the KDE 4.4 announcement, it should the users what’s cool and new. Yesterday I’ve heard the first time about activities in KDE4. I wondered what Aaron is talking about.

Here comes the conclusion:

We need a Featurecast section on the KDE website with screencasts that shows all the cool hidden stuff!

This should be the first thing a user finds on the KDE website. The user normally hasn’t installed KDE at all or doesn’t have the latest version. So the first thing should be something which shows what you can do with it and how cool this stuff is.

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2 Responses

  1. We actually have a youtube account for exactly this purpose. It currently does not show up on kde.org by default but that’s in the works 😉


  2. maniacmusician says:

    I don’t know if youtube is the best primary solution for an FOSS project with it’s heavy usage of flash for streaming. We should definitely take advantage of its popularity as a platform; but for integration with kde.org, perhaps we should consider something like blip.tv, which offers direct video streams and even supports Theora streams (whereas Youtube, even with direct streaming, would use H.264).

    It may not mean much in the end, but sometimes it pays to show support for services and products that exhibit a commitment to openness just as we do. Especially since they seem to be few and far between.

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