kio_sftp updates

openSUSE has backported the new kio_sftp implementation based on libssh to their KDE 4.3 packages. This increased the users and helped to find some bugs in kio_sftp and KDE. The current implementation is working fairly well.

As soon as libssh 0.4 will be released (hopefully soon) I will add more features. Users asked for ~/.ssh/config support and I’ve added openssh’s statvfs extension to libssh. This means I can check if there is enough space on the server before I copy a file.

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5 Responses

  1. Amazing ! keep up with good work

  2. baxeico says:

    It should be VERY useful to me to have a way for switching from a ssh terminal session to an sftp based file tranfer GUI (on the same server and directory, without the need to login again) and viceversa.

    Do you think it will be possible in the future?


  3. GlaDiaC says:

    If you want to login without entering the password again use the ssh-agent. This provides authentication using public keys. It’s easy to set up and more secure.

    To open a sftp session from the terminal is a konsole feature. I don’t know if it is possible but I suggest to open a feature request.

  4. Friam says:

    Sounds cool.
    Could that also improve the fish protocol?

  5. GlaDiaC says:

    Maybe if I find some time in future. I suggest to use sftp. It is normally enabled by default nowadays. fish is really ugly.

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