libssh 0.6.0 released

After another development cycle, this time of 2,5 years, the libssh Team is proud to announce version 0.6.0 of libssh.

The most important functionality which has been added is a new callback-based server API. Also we added ECDSA support and a new algorithm called gro.h1519325227ssbil1519325227@652a1519325227hs-911519325227552ev1519325227ruc1519325227 for key exchange to have something better than the NIST curves. OpenSSH also uses gro.h1519325227ssbil1519325227@652a1519325227hs-911519325227552ev1519325227ruc1519325227 as the default for key exchange. For ECDSA there is a complete new API for public key management available. Also a big improvement is Kerberos support which has been tested by Red Hat engineers with FreeIPA and gssproxy.

Thanks to all contributors!

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