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How to create a SuplRootCert for

Back to these bad GPS fixes for Android spread all over the net. This time I will describe how to find out which is the correct SSL root certificate you need and how to create it. So first we need know the root certificate the Google SUPL server has been signed. There are several ways but we use the easiest. Connect with the openssl binary...


Android, CyanogenMod and the GPS fix

There are a lot of people around providing gps fixes for Android. Most of them don’t really help at all. I want to explain here what variables the code recognizes and what they do. The other thing is SuplCert which is the certificate to verify the ssl connection for the supl server. Most of the time poeple provide the wrong certificate. gps.conf There are two...


CyanogenMod 9 for HTC Wildfire S (ALPHA3)

Maybe you already know that I worked since January 2012 on porting CM9 to the HTC Wildfire S (Marvel). It took quite a while to figure out how Android is working and how to get the the OS correctly talking with the hardware. Today I’ve released ALPHA3 of my work which is a pretty stable version. The Wildfire S is not a supported Android 4.0...


CM9 (Android 4.0 ICS) and deep sleep

I’ve had the problem that the device didn’t want to switch into deep sleep mode if radio was on. What is deep sleep? To make it simple we break it down. Your device has 3 modes. The fisrst is “Screen On and Awake”, “Awake” and “Deep Sleep”. If you use your device it you’re in the first mode and you need a obviously a lot...

0 and segfaults

If you try to get a new Android version, in this case CyanogenMod9, working on your old phone you have to deal with binary blobs. One of these blobs is the library talking to the radio, I wanted to document what I learned about I’ve wanted to get the library version matching my baseband version working with cm9. This resulted it several segfaults....


CM9 on Marvel (HTC Wildfire S)

After Qualcom released new graphic blobs for ARMv6 I was able to get CyanogenMod 9 working on my HTC Wildfire S pretty well. There are still some problem which need to be fixed. GPS isn’t working, if you have GSM/3G turned on the battery drains pretty fast. I’m currently trying to get the camera working. There is also a wakelock bug with bluetooth in the...


Synchronize two folders on a Mac and other Unix Systems with csync

I’ll show you how to to synchronise files of two different directories in a terminal using a mighty automator. The tool is called csync and is a client side file synchronizer. Unless like rsync it syncs in two directions so that the contents are equal as soon as it finished. Here is the simple example of syncing two folders from terminal: csync /path/to/folder1 /path/to/folder2 If...


CyanogenMod 9 for HTC Wildfire S

I’ve got a new gadget, a nice and small Android based smartphone, the HTC Wildfire S (WFS). The week before I got it alquez finished porting CyanogenMod 7 to the wfs. I’ve installed it and started to use it. After some time I was curios how to build the system. I’ve asked alquez how to set it up and I built it from source. Then...



You’re traveling with your netbook and the network doesn’t work. Normally you start to debug it and look with strace what’s going on. But hey, Fedora doesn’t install strace by default and you can’t install it cause the network doesn’t work… m(



chroot for users suck! It is work to maintain them and all in all you have to do a lot of nasty hacks to get it going! In the meantime AppArmor is in the mainline kernel. It is pretty simple to write rules for it and you can easily update it with tools like ‘logprof’. Here is a small howto to trap users in their...