Last year I discovered Mozilla Weave (now Sync). Weave is a Firefox addon and they offer the server components to install your own weave server. It offers everything I would like to have for PIM. So lets start with some details…

The Firefox Sync addon synchronizes the following things between your browsers/computers:

  • bookmarks
  • history
  • forms
  • prefs
  • tabs
  • passwords

The data stored on the weave server should be as private, and as safe, as data on your personal computer or device so they get encrypted on the client by a password only the user knows. So a server operator can’t read the information or disclose them.
The bookmarks are translated into a json format and added as a part to the weave json format. This is encrypted and the encrypted data is sent to the server. You can find more information about the storage format here.

On a second machine you configure the Firefox addon too. You select the synchronization profile (merge this data with my sync data, replace all data with my sync data, replace all other computers data with this data), enter your password for the encrypted data and start the synchronization. The data is downloaded and the sync engine synchronizes everything ins the json format and then translates it to the data store of firefox. I was really astonished how perfect this works.

And exactly this is what I miss for my PIM data! I would like to have my calender and addressbook in weave. This way it would be stored safely on my server. As soon as my machine has a connection to the weave server it should be synchronized or merged together.

I need a 72 hour day.

9 thoughts on “Weave for PIM?

  1. What happens if you’ve firefox open on two different computers at the same time? Logically a tab you open in one browser should pop up in the other browser too. Or how does it work?

  2. Mmmmm… Weave / Sync for KDE PIM would be sexy indeed… 🙂 What would be even better about this would be the ability to have not just Firefox synced across multiple computers, but to have even the multiple browsers I use on each computer synced (ie FF, Konq, Rekonq etc).

  3. Here, This might help you

    You can configure it with any SyncML peer : both Servers and Clients(your phone may be)?
    In your case, what you are looking for is SyncML Servers: Ovi, Mobical etc…

    As you can see, its a really old post, and there would soon be a “We are *Finally* there” post : So, until and unless you want to compile things manually and go through all the painful tasks described in the blog post, I would suggest you to wait a little more while.


  4. Dunedan: The syncing is not done permanently it does it every 10 minutes iirc. And it doesn’t open the tabs of the other computers browser. You have a menu where you can see the tabs of the other computers and open them on the current system.

  5. I think then it is more likely that your data get lost some day. If the data is stored encrypted it doesn’t matter if they give the data to a government. If they don’t have the key it is useless…

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