socket_wrapper 1.3.0 and fd-passing

A new version of socket_wrapper has just been released.

In short, socket_wrapper is a library passing all socket communications through unix sockets. It aims to help client/server software development teams willing to gain full functional test coverage. It makes possible to run several instances of the full software stack on the same machine and perform locally functional testing of complex network configurations.

New in version 1.3.0 is support for fd-passing. This allows to send or receive a set of open file descriptors from another process. As socket_wrapper redirects all communications, happening via IPv4/IPv6 sockets and emulate those using traditional unix domain sockets, when we pass a file descriptor we also need to pass additional information with socket_wrapper. This information includes IP data and data for pcap support.

Why did we implement this?

In the meantime Samba has support for SMB3 multichannel. Multichannel support has been implemented using fd-passing in Samba and to be able to test this as part of the Samba testsuite, we need to have support for it in socket_wrapper.


  • Added support for fd-passing via unix sockets
  • Added (de)contructor support on AIX with pragma init/finish
  • Fixed mutex fork handling

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