Roaming Home Directories for Linux

An interesting feature of Active Directory is Roaming Profiles. You can login on different workstations and you have all you data with you. If you use a Notebook you have the same and the ability to work offline. As soon as you’re connected to you network again the data will be automatically synchronized again and you have a backup of your data.

Now the time has come to introduce Roaming Home Directories for Linux. Yesterday I’ve released a new version of csync and the first version of pam_csync. With both components you’re able to use an Active Directory environment to share your data between workstation and notebooks and work offline.

Currently only the SMB protocol is supported but I will write more plugins for other protocols in future. I have sftp and rsync (if doable) in mind. So you will be able to use it at home with you’re small NAS or in a Linux only company environment.

This is not the only use case. If you have a USB disk with your music collection. You can can attach it to PC1 and synchronize it with your local collection. Go to the next computer and synchronize it there again. As csync is a bidirectional file synchronizer the collection on PC1 and PC2 will be the same.

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  1. Michal Zugec says:

    Hi Andreas!
    First – good work, this’s seems to be very useful tool (I have in my mind also synchronization with photo cameras).
    Second – very useful information that you blog about it on next day I heard about it in pub (you know ;-)) and not be able to find it via google 😉

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