CyanogenMod 9 for HTC Wildfire S (ALPHA3)

Maybe you already know that I worked since January 2012 on porting CM9 to the HTC Wildfire S (Marvel). It took quite a while to figure out how Android is working and how to get the the OS correctly talking with the hardware. Today I’ve released ALPHA3 of my work which is a pretty stable version. The Wildfire S is not a supported Android 4.0 device, so you have to workaround a lot of things and use old binary blobs. This also means there will probably never be an official CM9 release for the Wildfire S. However most of the stuff is working pretty well and you can live with the known bugs.

Known bugs:

  • Camera isn’t fully working, you can take pictures without problems.
  • OMX codecs aren’t fully working cause they are too old. We asked Quallcom to release new OMX codecs for ARMv6 but they said it will not be possible to get it working with QDSP5.
  • The device reboots if you turn blootooth on sometimes and bluetooth drains the battery.

You can download ALPHA3 of the ROM here.

Have fun.