csync at FOSDEM

I'm currently updating csync to work with libssh 0.4 and I will give a lightning talk about csync at FOSDEM next weekend. csync is a file synchronizer to keep two folders in sync. This can be local or remote. The main purpose of csync is to provide Roaming Home Directories. I will work with Aris on libssh stuff and try to get some small features in KDE for kio_sftp. I heard that some KDE guys are around too. I hope to see you there. If you're a Samba developer and go to FOSDEM, let me know :)

Roaming Home Directories for Linux

An interesting feature of Active Directory is Roaming Profiles. You can login on different workstations and you have all you data with you. If you use a Notebook you have the same and the ability to work offline. As soon as you're connected to you network again the data will be automatically synchronized again and you have a backup of your data. Now the time has come to introduce Roaming Home Directories for Linux. Yesterday I've released a new version of csync and the first version of pam_csync. With both components you're able to use an Active Directory environment to share your data between workstation and notebooks and work offline. Currently only the SMB protocol is supported but I will…

csync 0.42.0 alpha1

I've released the first alpha version of csync. csync is a client only bidirectional file synchronizer. You can use csync for different things. The intention is to provide Roaming Home Directories for Linux but you can use it to synchronize your music collection or create a backup of a directory. This is *not* intended for production environments and is designed for testing purposes only. This version is fully functional and you can sync two local directories or a local directory with a samba share. More at http://www.csync.org/