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Xorg 7.1 has been releasead

and you won’t believe it, evdev has xkb support now! That is the good news, the bad is that it includes aiglx by Redhat… 😉


SLIND and realtime extensions

A friend of mine (Philipp Beyer) is writing his diploma thesis at Siemens about realtime linux based on SLIND (Siemens Linux Distribution). SLIND is a Debian based Linux-System, onto a PXE-bootable embedded device. SLIND supports cross development environment, i.e. the target is not necessary of the same architecture as the host. He has currently tested RTAI with SLIND and did some measurements. Take a look...


SUSE Linux 10.1 is out

Hey, SUSE Linux 10.1 and I’ve synced the tree to my disk. Now it’s time to compile some packages for Packman which are lying arround on my harddisk. I’ve written a little rsync script. Get it here. Btw. I’ve switched to wordpress now 😉