Client Integration with Samba

At the beginning of October I started writing my diploma thesis at SUSE Linux in Nuernberg. I'll develop a library and a PAM module to synchronize the home directory from a Linux client to a Microsoft Windows ADS environment and back. The main problem of this subject is to write a file synchronizer which works with the infrastructure we already have and acts like the Windows one. This means a client only file synchronizer which just uses libsmbclient and is as simple as the Windows "Merge Algorithm" used for Roaming Profiles since Windows 2000.

CMake and WengoPhone

The last weeks I've started to work into CMake. CMake, the cross-platform, open-source make system. CMake is used to control the software compilation process using simple platform and compiler independent configuration files. If you're now asking which project for example is using CMake as make system, KDE4 and now WengoPhone. WengoPhone is a GPL-licensed multi-platform softphone using Qt4. The next generation version of WengoPhone is under heavy development. They used scons for the make systems with some own classes. The problem of scons is, that it slows down the more files you have to handle. This was the reason at KDE4 why bksys was dropped too. If you're a CMake developer or interested in CMake you can join #cmake @…


Since KDE 3.5.4 the konsole has 256 color support. You don't believe it? Test 256 color support in your terminal: echo -e "\e[38;5;196mred\e[38;5;46mgreen\e[38;5;21mblue\e[0m" If the words are displayed in the right colours, all is well. Not you have 256 and you want to use it, sure. First we want vim with 256 colors! Goto the konsole configuration and set the TERM variable in the "Session" tab to xterm-256color. If you're using screen, then you have to add term "screen-256color" to your "screenrc"-file. Maybe you recognize that your "ls" doesn't colorize the output anymore. The reason is that there is no entry for xterm-246color and screen-256color in /etc/DIR_COLORS. The last problem I had to fix was the color bug with vim…

Webdav Calendar and Addressbook

UPDATE Use Webdav I want to access my calendar and addressbook from my mainframe and from my notebook. I write exams at the moment so it is the best time to do something else. I've setup a webdav to store my adressbook and calendar so I can access it with KOrganizer, Mozilla Sunbird or KAdressbook from everywhere. First we have to create a directory for the webdav databases (lock, user). mkdir -p /var/lib/apache2/dav chgrp www /var/lib/apache2/dav chmod 775 /var/lib/apache2/dav Now we need a user htpasswd2 -c /etc/apache2/dav_users.db <username> Change <username> to your user and enter a password. Now lets create the web accessible directory. mkdir /srv/www/webdav chgrp www /srv/www/webdav chmod 775 /srv/www/webdav mod_dav.conf The next step is to create…


Maybe you heard already about that OpenWengo thing. OpenWengo is a community of Free Software enthusiasts. The OpenWengo community is sponsored by Wemgo, a French SIP provider, itself backed by Neuf Cegetel, a French telco. WengoPhone, a SIP compliant VoIP client and a multiprotocol instant messanger (MSN, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk). We're talkig here about WengoPhone NG (Next Generation) which is the version in development. Currently I'm working on a RPM package for WengoPhone NG. I've written some patches to build it on x86_64 and to fix some bugs to build it on SUSE. The problem is that I can't link the application at the moment cause SUSE doesn't provide libQtUiTools in their QT4 packages (SUSE LINUX 10.1 and…

gpsd, gdal and gpsdrive

Hi, as promised I've dropped gpsd 2.32, gdal 1.3.2 and gpsdrive 2.10 from cvs at the openSUSE buildservice. I hope they will be build soon. gpsdrive will be the last package, it depends on gdal and it is blocked atm. Please let me know if you have problems. I dunno if the gpsd udev script works as expected. There is a bug in gpsd which doesn't detect my device using the F command. gpsdrive has dropped their gpsd so you have to use the original gpsd.Please let me know if something doesn't work for you. You can download it from or your favourite repository mirror ;)


For everyone who didn't hit the news War§ow 0.11 out. Warsow is a fast paced online first person shooter based on the QFusion Engine (a modification of Quake 2 GPL engine). It has a lot of improvements. The game offers features like cell shading, game physics changes and special moves. It features the following gametypes: deathmatch, team deathmatch, duell, single player (against bots), CTF and midair. In 0.11 we fixed the bug with the listen server. Long time I tought it is only x86_64 specific, but some people with x86 had the segfault too. Then Medar read something on the Quake 4 Linux site, "Crashes on startup when loading the game module". Some library has overwritten the globally defined timeout…

home:GlaDiaC @ build service

I got an openSUSE build service account. I haven't had much time to play with it and look for bugs, but I've uploaded 2 packages. SIM which is an instant messanger and KVIrc the best graphical IRC client in the universe ;) SIM is version 0.9.4rc2. And KVIrc is a development version 3.2.3 from 2006-05-31. I'll drop new KVIrc version on the build server if they are stable. The current KVIrc development version (3.2.3) is more stable the the last release (3.2.0). I think next packages are the gpsdrive development version and gpsd.