CyanogenMod 9 for HTC Wildfire S (ALPHA3)

Maybe you already know that I worked since January 2012 on porting CM9 to the HTC Wildfire S (Marvel). It took quite a while to figure out how Android is working and how to get the the OS correctly talking with the hardware. Today I’ve released ALPHA3 of my work which is a pretty stable version. The Wildfire S is not a supported Android 4.0 device, so you have to workaround a lot of things and use old binary blobs. This also means there will probably never be an official CM9 release for the Wildfire S. However most of the stuff is working pretty well and you can live with the known bugs.

Known bugs:

  • Camera isn’t fully working, you can take pictures without problems.
  • OMX codecs aren’t fully working cause they are too old. We asked Quallcom to release new OMX codecs for ARMv6 but they said it will not be possible to get it working with QDSP5.
  • The device reboots if you turn blootooth on sometimes and bluetooth drains the battery.

You can download ALPHA3 of the ROM here.

Have fun.

25 thoughts on “CyanogenMod 9 for HTC Wildfire S (ALPHA3)

  1. So what exactly does “Camery isn’t fully working” means? Could I still use the camera for just taking some pictures or is it not working at all?
    Would be nice if you give me some more detailed information. Looking forward trying it out on my Wildfire S.

  2. Hey,

    I couldn’t find a guide how to flash the rom, since there was not one single rom.
    Could you perhaps just give me a quick howto or a link where I could look how to flash the device?
    That would be really great!
    Thanks in advance,


  3. Great, got it working after fiddling around a bit with this stuff. I was able to install it from the zip file while in Recovery Mode.
    So far everything works after I installed the google apps and some other stuff. Really nice to have a rooted phone per default!
    Thanks a lot for this piece of software!


  4. First of all, many function for the (almost) perfect rom. Have enjoyed ever since your first release.

    What are the changes the Bluetooth problems will be resolved in an upcoming release? Right now I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place: leaving it on drains the battery because if the wakelock. En-/disabling it gives me a reboot every second or third time.

    Still best wfs rom out there…….

  5. I’ve read your blog post “CM9 (Android 4.0 ICS) and deep sleep”. Shouldn’t this be a solution for the battery drain problem on the Wildfire S when it comes to leaving BT on ?

  6. The problem is that ICS expects different BT features. These are either 3.0 kernel features or hardware features too. I haven’t had time to look into it. Normally these things are really time consuming.

  7. I have not been able to get GPS to work with *any* of the CM9 ROMs on the Wildfire S (CDMA).

    Can any of the rest of you verify that it’s working?

  8. Came here to cheer and praise a great rom 😉 With alpha 6 the BT problems are gone, making it the rom perfect for my needs. Thanks again, you are the man _0_

  9. Yes, I also updated to Alpha 6 yesterday, works great and I really thank you for your efforts. It’s great!

  10. best ROM ever tested by me….yet a HUGE problem: drains battery incredible fast….
    eats 30% more power then CM7…
    And on autobrightness, the brightness is always 100%…

  11. I’m not going to complain, but this ROM at current stage is only for users with backup phone. Trying ICS is intresting, but for this while unusable for daily use. Even writing messages is a bit sluggish and frustrating. Beta testers will come, and help with testing CM9 for Wildfire, but it must runs with reasonable speed and funcionality.

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